ARTscapes Waiver

Artists agreement & Waiver of Liability

Originality: In consideration of the opportunity to display my work to the public, and other good and valuable consideration, the adequacy and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I, the undersigned artist, certify that the art that I am submitting is my original art and that I am the author and creator of such art. I acknowledge that ARTscapes and curator Christian “TAMEARTZ” Rodriguez reserves the right to accept or deny any submission with or without cause.

Promotion and Publicity: I grant ARTscapes permission to publish in all media my name, artwork, and location for use in promotion through print media, television, and the internet. I further allow ARTscapes to release such information to other persons and entities. My name will be attributed to my pieces that are shown by ARTscapes or other persons or entities.

Responsibility: I understand that ARTscapes and its partner gallery sponsors do not assume responsibility for loss or damage to my artwork(s) or the loss or damage to frames or glass, no matter how sustained. Reasonable safety and electronic security precautions are in place to ensure added protection of my work. I also understand that ARTscapes strongly recommends that I carry my own personal property insurance.

Artwork remains in the gallery until the end of the exhibit: I understand that if my artwork is accepted for the show that the work will be in place for thirty (30) days and may not be removed from the exhibition until the pick up date. It is my responsibility to to notify ARTscapes in writing or by email if art is to be picked up before the end of the exhibit. Artists is responsible for picking up art at the end of the exhibit. ARTscapes and gallery sponsor are not responsible for artowkr after the completion of the exhibit and will make best effort to get artwork back to artist.

Sales of Artwork: Artist retains 100% of all sales transactions and the collection and filing of applicable sales tax for sold artwork. Artist is responsible for providing payment options and QR Codes to ARTscapes and gallery partner in order to collect payments including Venmo,PayPal,CashApp, Zelle, etc.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand all terms contained in the description and the Artist Agreement, and agree to be bound by the terms and stated expectations.

Waiver of Liability: Once I submit this form electronically or by paper copy, I (the artist), shall indemnify and hold ARTscapes and appointed officers, volunteers, employees harmless from any and all claims, costs and liabilities for any artwork damage, personal injury, death, or other property damage which is the result of handling and displaying the artwork at (venue location)Our partners’ employees or contractors are likewise held harmless from any and all claims from the artist, heirs, successors or assigns from any artwork damage, personal injury, death, or other property damage, and related costs and liabilities, which is the result of handling and displaying the artwork.